In this true story of love and historic preservation set in Depression-era Wisconsin, a London-based decorator and a local drifter fall in love as they restore a dilapidated rock cottage. With a “gay marriage” that hides in plain sight, Bob Neal and Edgar Hellum create Pendarvis house, an improbable business venture that transforms an entire town.


A Passion To Preserve                                                                                              by Will Fellows                                                                                                    Click here to purchase                                                                                      Learn More about Will Fellows at

On The Shake Rag                                                                                                  by Mark Knipping and Korinne Oberle                                                           



Mineral Point, WI:

Orchard Lawn:


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BOB NEAL AND EDGAR HELLUM        image courtesy of Mineral Point Public Library

BOB NEAL AND EDGAR HELLUM    image courtesy of Mineral Point Public Library